3 Benefits to Implant-Retained Dentures

Integrating Dental Implants With Dentures

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A loose denture that moves way too much can become irritating fast; moreover, this is why implant-supported dentures came to be. For increased support and retention for your denture, consider getting a dental implant for your denture.

A dental implant is the primary step for any tooth replacement operation and sets up the support to hold the abutment and crown for a missing tooth. Because of its great support for lost teeth, it can be used the same way for artificial teeth on dentures. The effects of implants are astounding and they can make simple jaw movements like speaking or eating food easier and more comfortable like they were naturally for you.

If you were needing 6 implants, the price can increase significantly. So for this reason at our dental office 89132 we have a single piece mini implant which are more affordable than a traditional implant and they can be finished with very little conservative methods. These implants also allow people with lower bone density in their jaw to also experience the marvelous effects of implants on dentures.

A common additional attachment to the implant itself that many patients can acquire as well is a connector that has different endings on both the denture and the implant which clips on essentially to make the entire system even more robust than before. Another connector is through a metal wire that goes from the left to the right side of the mouth that along the way connects the implants.

In short, dental implants can present you with amazing results to improve your dentures substantially. If you are interested in dental implants for your dentures, call Streamline Decatur at 702-825-6887or visit our dental clinic 89132 today.

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