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DIY Braces Can Ruin Your Teeth

You may have read stories about people and their experiences with braces, and if you do not like the idea of visiting the orthodontist every few weeks for a tightening appointment, the sound of a possible “Do-it-yourself” solution can be tempting.

Integrating Dental Implants With Dentures

  • Integrating Dental Implants With Dentures

A loose denture that moves way too much can become irritating fast; moreover, this is why implant-supported dentures came

A loose denture that moves way too much can become irritating fast; moreover, this is why implant-supported dentures came[…]

The Basics Of Braces

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Most men and women know that getting braces might be a stressful experience. At the same time, braces have a lot of advantages making them an unbelievable alternative for anyone with crooked teeth. Braces can allow you to make sure your teeth are appropriately aligned and straight.

One might have to wear braces to treat unaligned teeth. Should you be think about obtaining braces, then you must find an appropriate orthodontist. Among the respective styles of visible braces, standard metallic braces are made from high grade chrome steel.[…]

Invisalign vs Braces for Adults

  • Invisalign vs Braces for Adults

If you have a bad bite because of misaligned teeth, then your orthodontist might have already told you about Invisalign or even dental braces as a means to correcting the problem. Unfortunately, like most individuals, you may be lost which type of orthodontic treatment you should use. For many adult patients, the Invisalign vs braces debate is something that needs to be resolved. Understanding the Need for Teeth Alignment One of the major issues dentists cites why there is a need to maintain teeth in perfect alignment is in the prevention or management of a bad bite. This can grossly interfere with […]

5 Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry

More and more individuals are seeking cosmetic dental procedures because of the known benefits of these treatments especially in improving their sense of self-worth and self-confidence. While many now consider cosmetic dentistry as integral in the maintenance of optimum oral and dental health, there are still others who believe in certain myths about cosmetic dental treatments. Here are five of the common myths. 1. Cosmetic Dental Procedures are Expensive Partly true. Cosmetic dental procedures are expensive. Compared to general teeth cleaning and tooth extractions, cosmetic dental procedures can easily run in the hundreds of dollars. But, considering that cosmetic dental procedures do not […]

10 Things To Ask Your New Neighbors About Finding a Dentist

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If you just moved into a neighborhood, one of the toughest things to do is finding a Las Vegas dentist who is as good, or even better, than your last one. While it may take a while before you can start establishing relationships with your new neighbors, you can always refer to the ten things to ask your friends about how to find a good dentist. Word of Mouth can be Powerful – There is nothing better than listening to friends, and other people talk about their experiences with a particular dentist. This gives you an idea of what to expect. Call it […]